This man became famous after being expelled from Saudi Arabia for being very beautiful.

March 28, 20207: 07 AM

Omar Borkan is a model, photographer, poet and actor of Iraqi origin, who is considered one of the most handsome man the world has ever seen, and it is without a doubt that his attractiveness is almost perfect.

This man became known worldwide on social networks after being expelled from Saudi Arabia for being too “Handsome” for the women of that country, which is why he was considered a potential threat to other men.

Recently, we have investigated a little the social networks of Omar and we have been able to see on instagram what the famous model currently looks like, and boy, is it still very well preserved. How handsome!

In one of his photos on his official instagram account, we can see with the actor that he lets us see a little of his masculine attributes while showing us his training place. How handsome!

The photograph we are talking about quotes the following: “Putting that job on while people enjoy the weekend. I am so serious about the summer body this year ”and it is accompanied by several emoticons.