You can win a house in an Italian city on the beach for only $ 35.

The house is completely renovated and fully furnished, and is located in the center of the town of Pizzo Calabro.

Photo: LUK BENIES / AFP / Getty Images

As you may have already noticed, in recent years a kind of fashion has emerged among Italian cities where they sell their houses very cheap, even for 1 euro. And it is that the authorities of these places are implementing this strategy to revive these towns that already have almost no inhabitants.

Of course, by giving the houses so cheap, the authorities condition you to make an investment in it to revitalize it, so you will really end up spending more than just one euro. Still, it could still be a worthwhile investment considering you would be a brand new homeowner in Italy.

However, If you really don’t want to take the trouble to remodel a house, then you could take advantage of a contest where the winner can get a completely renovated home in none other than the coastal city Pizzo Calabro. The best part is, you could earn it for just $ 35.

Last year, British couple Jon and Annmarie Nurse raffled off a residence they owned and donated $ 69,000 from ticket sales to The Children’s Society, a UK-based charity.

After that campaign that turned out to be very successful, the couple now decided to give away another house, but this time in the Calabria region, and Proceeds will go to Braccio di Ferro, a local Italian children’s hospice.

The winner of this year’s raffle will become the owner of a townhome that has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is completely renovated and fully furnished, and is located in the center of the city of Pizzo Calabro.

The residence is valued at $ 240,000, and has an open-plan kitchen and dining room.; balconies with views of the picturesque streets below and towards the sea, plus a new gas heating system with radiators that can be used all year round.

It should be noted that the town of Pizzo is centrally located, with several nearby cities and plenty of train service to get there.

Raffle tickets for this home cost $ 35 and will be on sale now through September 16, 2021, or until 10,000 tickets are sold. There is also no limit to the number of tickets a single person can buy.

The house winner will also receive two flights to Italy, a rental car and hotel accommodation for two nights to sign and transfer ownership. Transfer taxes and legal fees will also be covered for the winner not to make with this payment, as reported in Travel + Leisure.

For more information about the house and to purchase your raffle tickets, visit the Win Houses in Italy website.

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