You can play Star Citizen for free until December 2 with more than 100 ships available

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Star citizen is a space simulation and MMO shooter video game that is generally rated as one of the most immersive and realistic in the genre, despite still being in early access. Thus it also has a large number of solar systems, planets and space stations to visit. Ships are also an important part of defining our play style when exploring outer space.

Now the developers, Cloud Imperium have announced that Star Citizen will be available for free from today until December 2. This thanks to the in-game event of the Aerospace Expo 2950. Normally, to access early access, you must buy a ship in the game.

In this Aerospace Expo you can explore the New Babbage Expo Hall for the first time, where vehicle, weapon and armor manufacturers will showcase their latest ships, concept designs and equipment every day. Maybe you end up excited and buy one of the ships you tested to have the game forever.

You can download the video game here.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord