Telegram is a messaging app famous for its security measures designed to maintain the privacy of its users. However, it is not as popular as other platforms because it did not have some features that users appreciate, for example, the ability to make a video call. But that’s about to change.

Although for now it is only available in the beta version of the app, Telegram users already have the option of making a video call with their contacts, according to a report that the company published online.

This is one more step that the platform takes to be more competitive with options like WhatsApp. It should be said that Telegram already had support for voice calls for about four years, but now it finally added the video function that should take a couple of weeks to be available to all its users.

Those who have already had the opportunity to try this function comment that the interface is very similar to that offered by other platforms. For example, an on-screen button is included that allows the user to switch between the front and rear cameras, turn the video option on or off, mute, and hang up. Also, the participant in the smaller window can be swapped with the participant in the larger window with a simple tap.

However, users have reported that the video calls in the application still have flaws, so the user experience is not the best. For example, the voice was routed first through the earpiece and not through the phone’s speaker, causing a lag between the audio and the picture. To correct it, users had to turn the video off and then turn it back on.

Another disadvantage of the new tool is that for now there is no support for group calls, that is, that only one-to-one video calls can be made, although the function is said to be in process so it should not take long to arrive.

Try the function

If you want to try video calls and other functions that are only available in the beta version of Telegram, just follow these steps:

You can download version 0.7 beta or the latest version of the application from the Microsoft App Center platform.

On devices with another operating system you can download the independent beta APK that will be installed together with the normal Telegram or Telegram X applications.

Once you have the beta version, and the authentication process is complete, you just have to go to a conversation with one of your contacts and press the menu button that is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then you will find the video call icon and you need to click.

Once the video call has started, you can mute the microphone, turn off the video, or switch between the front and rear cameras.

Please note that the function is only available among users who have the beta version, otherwise they will not be compatible.

More features

If you don’t want to download the beta version, don’t worry, there are several tools that you can take advantage of until the video calls arrive for everyone in this application that recently celebrated having reached 400 million monthly active users.

Some months ago, Telegram added a new directory of stickers that allows users to navigate among the more than 20 thousand options and search to find the one that best suits their conversation.

On the other hand, Android users have a new menu to attach files that is easier to use.

While those who access the app from a device with macOS can see that the photo editor has been updated that now allows drawing on the images before sending them.

Another novelty of the messaging app is that the survey function through the @QuizBot bot now allows adding a timer to respond and give explanations that appear when the questionnaire is answered, this with the intention that it can be used as a tool for learning.

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