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Yes, Crysis Remastered was delayed and the hype of the fans who hoped to return to this franchise that lived through good times years ago dropped a bit. However, we will always have the original trilogy to see Crytek in its best version and Xbox Obe users will be able to prepare for the remaster by reviewing the 3 games that made history in the genre, thanks to EA Access.

By means of a publication on its official Twitter account, Electronic Arts reported that the original Crysis trilogy is now available on Xbox One through its EA Access service, which as you know allows you to play many company titles in exchange for one subscription. The 3 Crysis games debuted at the time on Xbox 360 and could already be enjoyed on the current Microsoft console thanks to its backward compatibility program, however, now it is possible to have them in one place and play them in case you have missed some in your bookstore.

After the announcement of the delay of Crysis Remastered, it is not known when this game will see the light, especially since the mission of the development team at the moment is to polish everything necessary to offer players a product to match, more because the first title was a watershed in graphic terms in today far 2007.

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