you can now cast OneDrive content to Chromecast

You can now send content from OneDrive to Chromecast… And who says now, says as you have updated to the latest version of Microsoft’s application for Android, of course. So you only need to open an image or a video to see a new icon appear on the toolbar that if you have Chromecast, you will recognize instantly, and view it on your favorite compatible device.

It is not the first interesting novelty that comes to Microsoft’s cloud storage service in recent times. The company has spent some time investing in improving OneDrive, one of the pillars of its cloud service offering, and since the important review they gave it last year, updates with improvements have been happening every so often. The most recent, the 64-bit client for Windows.

But now we are talking about OneDrive on Android, which not because it is Google’s operating system, it is no longer so Microsoft, focused on mobile Linux ever since his adventure with Windows Mobile made waters … both outward and inward. And it is that the Redmond have been concerned with offering the best Windows experience on Android based on bringing numerous applications, but they are also doing it the other way around, with the aim of bringing Android applications to Windows.

OneDrive on Android | Image: Android Police

Be that as it may, now we are talking about OneDrive on Android, it is worth repeating, and we do so due to the arrival of Chromecast support to the application, a feature that many users were surely missing and that from now on they will be able to enjoy without complications, both to broadcast content already downloaded to their Chromecast devices, as well as to do it with those they have in the cloud.

According to Android Police, the version of OneDrive for Android that launches Chromecast support is 6.29.1, but they have encountered some problems in their tests and it is possible that its distribution will be delayed a bit to the majority of users of the app. They also remember something obvious, and that is that OneDrive You can only broadcast content that you can play by itself, not just any type of image or video with which it is not compatible.

Finally, it is important to note that OneDrive only works normally on devices with Android 6.0 or higher, which should not be a problem at this point in the movie. Using something lower than Android 8 today – being very generous, in the bad sense of the term – does not seem the most intelligent, quite the opposite.

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