You can now book a trip to space for $ 1,000

If you have always been looking to take a vacation out of this world, then you could make your dream come true, as a company is already offering trips to nothing more than outer space.

The company Boasting the world’s first luxury space flight experience, Space Perspective is accepting space flight reservations for anyone who wants to go … as long as they can afford it.

And the company is booking trips for the end of 2024, and each trip costs $ 125,000 per passenger.

Although people will be able to travel where only a few have gone before, they will not do so by dressing like an astronaut. Space Perspective will offer a six-hour experience that will take place aboard the Spaceship Neptune spacecraft, an eight-person capsule powered by a space balloon. The ship will be fully equipped with a bar and bathroom, as reported in Thrillist.

Unlike normal air travel, the Neptune ship has luxurious seats with plenty of room to stretch your legs. Passengers can experience floating in the space in reclining seats as they soar about 100,000 feet above Earth and enjoy 360-degree views spanning 450 miles.

Also, believe it or not, The ship also has Wi-Fi, which means that you can publish all your experiences on social networks.

You can set aside a space for a Space Perspective trip by making a deposit of $ 1,000, which is fully refundable.

This means that if you change your mind or can’t raise the remaining $ 124,000, you can get your deposit back. If you’re traveling with your family or friends, you can also book a full eight-seat trip for $ 8,000.

The trips will depart from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Each trip will begin with a two-hour ascent that will take clients above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere..

Another two hours of the trip will be spent floating above the Earth and then make a two-hour trip back to the planet, which will end with a landing in the sea. Here, passengers will be picked up on a boat.

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