You can now activate the option to chat from Gmail on your mobile | Technology

Google is integrating all its applications into a single universe to facilitate remote work collaboration. This way you can have quick access to other options such as Google Meet in Gmail.

Group video calls and chats have acquired a weight that until now they did not have with the rise of teleworking. At a distance, each from our homes, we have to continue to maintain contact with colleagues from work or study.

Applications like Google Meet, Chats and Gmail they are already essential for many Google users. The internet giant has set out to unite all these collaborative communication tools under the same ecosystem.

That is why it is now possible to access Meet video calls through the Gmail application, just as it is possible to consult the Calendar and Tasks from the mail for a long time. The company has launched a test project to integrate Meet and Chat in Gmail both from the application and in the desktop version.

Gmail is more complete every day, you may not know all the functions it already offers and you are missing the opportunity to work easier.

With this test option you have several new tabs in Gmail from which to send a quick message by chat or open a video meeting in a matter of seconds with another user. We are going to show you how to activate it on your mobile or computer.

Activate on mobile

The first thing you should do is download the Google Meet and Gmail application on your smartphone if you don’t already have them and enter your Google account.

The next step is to open the Settings Gmail, in the left side menu at the end of the whole. Choose the account that interests you, if you have several Go to the section of general Active Chat (early access), and accept the test, to start showing the Chat and Rooms tabs in the app.

Gmail will restart with a new design in which the bottom bar has more tabs. So that there is no loss, you can follow the explanatory tutorial from Google.

Activate on computer

On your computer, the process is identical. First you must open Settings completely and look for the section Chats and Meet where you can activate the test option, Google Chat (early access), and start experimenting with this new way of working integrated into the mail. If you use Google video calls a lot, it will be a very useful tool.