“You are the worst thing that has happened to Spain!”

The unfortunate tweet from Pablo Echenique encouraging the vandals protesting the conviction of rapper Pablo Hásel is bringing the tail. At the political level, it has caused a new clash in the social-communist government, exemplified in the words of Vice President Carmen Calvo, who has been very clear when accusing the Podemos spokesperson of encouraging the disturbances.

But at the social level there are also criticisms and reproaches to Echenique for an inadmissible message for a person who is part of the party that governs Spain in coalition with the PSOE. Luis Figo has been one of those who has charged against Echenique, and he has also done it Pepe Reina, responding directly on Twitter to his deplorable message.

«You would have to demonstrate responsibility more often … Explain it tomorrow to the families whose businesses have been destroyed ‘peacefully’ … You have neither respect nor shame … You are the worst thing that has happened to Spain in the last 40 years! »wrote the veteran Spanish goalkeeper who now plays for Lazio.

Pepe Reina knows that the faithful of Pablo Iglesias and his own, the more radical left, are going to attack and harass him on social networks for this message against Echenique, but he has not been able to contain himself. It is not explained how the spokesperson for Podemos in Congress can encourage vandalism and riots as well and has expressed it on his official Twitter profile with that response to Echenique, who already has more than 6,000 RTs and 20,000 ‘likes’.