Hard rifirrafe between Juan Carlos Monedero and Ana Terradillos in ‘The summer program’. The founder of Podemos has responded to José Manuel Calvente’s accusations, the former lawyer of the purple party who assured before a judge that in We can had double accounting, bonuses and even box B.

Ana Terradillos and Juan Carlos Monedero

Monedero has wanted to settle the issue from the beginning, criticizing the fact that a person’s statements without evidence are given a voice: « Have you provided any evidence? I think it rains on wet in the case of Podemos. With all the noise that is generated, what do we do? « , He claimed quite annoyingly.

« It seems unfair to me, now there is another noise that will be nothing, but we raise doubts, it is tiresome. It is as if someone suddenly reaches into the box of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ and you, as you work there, tell you if you have something to do with this« , he has directly reproached the presenter.

Ana Terradillos responds

« It is not the same as I say that Ana Terradillos works in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ to which Ana Terradillos charges commissions, » Monedero said. The journalist, a summer substitute for Ana Rosa Quintana, was not willing to consent to the comparison. « You already know that no, » she claimed, to which the political scientist replied: « Well you should not me either. « Terradillos settled the issue: » I ask you because you are listed here, I am not currently accused of charging commissions« 

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