Erik Rubín wrote romantic words to Andrea Legarreta (IG: erikrubinoficial)

The host Andrea Legarreta is 49 years old this Sunday, July 12, and Erik Rubín, her husband, dedicated a romantic message to her.

Rubín uploaded to his Instagram account a photograph in which he posed with Legarreta and wrote:

Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you for every moment, joy, teaching, and for you making a better version of me ”.

“May it be a memorable return to the sun, full of health, abundance and love. I love you precious, you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. Happy Birthday« He added in the text that was celebrated by members of the entertainment world in Mexico such as Karla Díaz, member of the JNS group, Maya Karunna, from Caló, Fernando Carrillo and Mauricio Barcelata.

Andrea made some publications of the early celebrations of her birthday.

She thanked her colleagues in the Hoy program, which celebrated it last Friday, and shared a couple of photos with the cakes they sent her.

Another celebration

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín married on April 1, 2000, so a few months ago they celebrated their two decades as husbands.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were not able to celebrate, but romantic messages were dedicated to celebrate the date.

(Photo: Instagram)

« I remember that as a child I said that I wanted my wedding day to be one of the happiest in my life … Without a doubt until today I remember it as pure MAGIC, as if 20 years had not passed … I remember every moment, each loved one wishing us with the soul the best, each dance, each song and each smile … The happiness overwhelmed by each pore … How beautiful you looked and your nervous smile … My smile so big that it came out of my eyes and resounded in my heart … The song you wrote for our moment … Friends singing in chorus « Times of love » … All happy to see that our happiness was evident (we deserved it). Our parents wishing from the bottom of their soul that our decision would bring us happiness and fulfillment … And deep down, we wishing that those « bets » against our love failed … « , shared Andrea.

« Twenty years have passed … And at times, we have been about to ‘break’ … But the most beautiful thing is that despite everything that may have been negative and that has now been learning, love has won … They say we are from Who knows us in our best and worst moments and still decides to stay … And putting our history in the balance, the good moments have undoubtedly made our journey through life worthwhile … It has not been easy … Nothing truly valuable is … And fighting has been worth everything … « continued the presenter in an extensive post on her Instagram account.

Rubín y Legarreta (Instagram)

Rubín also referred to his wedding anniversary and although he did not write such an extensive message, he did make clear the love for his wife, with whom he has formed a family with his daughters Mía and Nina.

“Another year to create beautiful stories together, to discover, to enjoy ourselves, to fall and rise, to learn, to forgive and value. We have chosen ourselves over and over again. And our relationship is perfect because it is not. The true love stories never have an end ”, commented Erik Rubín.


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