“You are such for such”

‘The island of temptations’ is still on everyone’s lips for the infidelities and betrayals that are being protagonists in this edition. Definitely, Manu González is one of the first names that come to mind for sleeping with Fiama Rodríguez and it is precisely he who has received a zasca from the hand of Álex Bueno, the former of the temptress.

Fiama and Manuel in ‘The island of temptations’

During the gala broadcast on Thursday, February 20, Manu and Fiama shared a bed, in addition to the occasional confidence. « You already know this room, eh?« commented the protagonist of the sentence » the little hand ‘relaxes’ « , referring to the first edition of the program. « How are you such an idiot? » She commented right after. However, what could have remained a note, began to go further.

« It turns out that Fiama’s ex-boyfriend slept in this room. I am not going to respect him because he is not my friend nor do I know him« Manuel declared without hesitation. As expected, Álex did not take long to respond with very harsh words, but clarifying for many of his followers: »I didn’t expect you to respect me. If you didn’t keep it for your girlfriendHow were you going to keep it for me « , he began narrating, ending with: » You are such for such « .

Álex Bueno turns to gold in Onlyfans

The former participant of ‘The island of temptations’ went through ‘In the spotlight’ to tell the most unexpected offers he had received through the erotic web: « A boy offered me € 30,000 for fellatio« However, he said what his limits are: » I do not enter the sexual environment. I respect him but I know my position. I don’t sell porn.  »