There are a large number of doubts about the measures you have to implement at your point of sale, in order to make it profitable in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has replenished the consumption rules.

Regardless of your doubts, one aspect that we cannot ignore is the one that warns us about the opportunity that brands have found, that have managed to adjust to the rules of the new normality.

For your point of sale to achieve this change, you are one day away from entering the Point of Sale Diploma What does the Marketing School.

This Online Diploma gives you an extremely clear perspective of who the new Mexican consumer is and based on what resources he is making a purchase decision, to be able to implement point of sale concepts after the pandemic and how this matters in purchasing decisions, commercial actions, delivery and marketing focused on commercial spaces.

You will have all the necessary knowledge, as well as the tools and resources that will help you make strategic decisions that are based on the new retail environment.

You are one day away from changing your point of sale

The agenda is made up of five modules. In the first You will identify the retail sector through an x-ray that will help you have the resources to reach the consumer in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

Inside the second module You will learn to digitize your point of sale.

In the third module You will know what retail will be like after the pandemic and from this perspective work your point of sale.

In a fourth module You will learn to integrate delivery marketing strategies to your business and the last module You will know how to design strategies for an omnichannel point of sale.

Do not miss the opportunity to be in this indispensable Diploma for your point of sale