You are one day away from mastering an AI strategy in your business

As is to be expected in this commitment to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology, understanding the relationship of technology with the consumer becomes key.

Among the aspects that make artificial intelligence relevant is effective communication.

One point of view that is very valuable in adopting AI is understanding the context and understanding the potential that such a tool has.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the best ally that brands have today, especially when they are facing the health contingency, which has been one of the most dramatic episodes that have been experienced in the market.

As is to be expected in this guideline, an aspect of great value in these activities is that which has to do with the way in which brands are assuming more and more new tasks, especially when they have determined to better understand the consumer and do it with the intention of exploiting their digital interaction to the maximum.

That is why you have to invest in it this November 18 and 19, so that you can understand which strategy is the right one for the best performance of your brand in artificial intelligence.

Sebastian Gonzalez Arroyo, Co-Founder and Data Engineer at Kanto Studio, will guide you in understanding the key methodologies to achieve the fusion of a successful business strategy and a technological product, which will help you in your tactics.

After 12 hours of this management program you will be able to:

Carry out digital campaigns with results. Have a better overview of the performance of processes, prediction and consumer behavior, identifying trends and ways to interact with the consumer. You will know the current framework in Artificial Intelligence. You will know how to predict behavior, detect fraud and anticipate the needs presented by the consumer. You will know how to implement machine learning in your digital marketing strategies. You will be able to create predictive applications that will help you solve problems in your business. This is the agenda of the online management program: Current situation of AI in the world. Why is artificial intelligence the future in marketing? Advantages and risks of AI Advanced AI strategies Top AI tools How is AI transforming CRM? Implementation of chatbots Detection of opportunities and implementation of solutions with AI Integration of Machine learning & Big Data in digital campaigns. AI for strategies with audiovisual content. Process automation integrating AI