Pablo Motos remains firm in his crusade against Fernando Simón. The presenter of ‘El hormiguero’ has already criticized the government and the director of the Coordination Center for Alerts and Health Emergencies on several occasions, a fact that he repeated again on the night of June 25. However, Miguel Ángel Revilla stopped his feet, going out in defense of the doctor.

Pablo Motos and Miguel Ángel Revilla in ‘El hormiguero’

« To say there was no need to wear a mask was extraordinary negligence, » he noted. « If Fernando Simón says that there is no need to wear masks, he is not attending to sanitary criteria, but rather to political ordersAlthough he sought the support of the President of Cantabria, he disagreed with him: « Horrible mistakes have been made, but in the face of which no one knows, Who is the handsome man who is ready?« Motos argued that he was going the other way: » If there is no mask and it is said that the mask is not necessary, there is a huge difference between saying to everyone: ‘there is no mask, make it as you can at home until we get masks ‘. Just use common sense« 

« It is true that a politician should not say that they are not necessary when he does not have them, » Revilla acknowledged. going on to report the problems they had on the part of the Central Government during the first days for the purchase of masks. The presenter understood that such a failure could be had, but continued to insist on the non-recommendation of masks. « A past bull is very easy to criticize. I doubt, but it may be, that another government would have done better, « said the president, who was accompanied by Motos assuring that » it is not left or right, but of effective people or ineffective people« 

In defense of Fernando Simón

Despite having some points in common, Miguel Ángel Revilla continued to disagree with the Valencian: « This man has endured 3 hours of questions every day (…). Medical experts have told me that it knows a virus egg and it’s fogged. Now, of course, he has made a mistake, but putting up with what he has endured there, 100 questions a day, without insulting anyone, taking the shots, having the bug« Motos was betting that those blows were probably not his.

« I always say when I see a guy who is making a piece of paper: ‘What would I do if this falls on me?’ » Revilla said. « The guy there with those hairs and holding the wood they gave him. I don’t know him, but if one day I see him, when this happens, I give him a hug« The support of the President caused Pablo Motos to back down: » I have nothing against Fernando Simón, he is a man who has done a brutal job, but if you make mistakes, you make mistakes. If you say that the PCRs are useless, I disagree, because that is what is saving the planet. « Given this statement, Revilla assured him that it is »obsessed with PCR«