“You are no longer from the group, there are people who do not stick to you because you are no longer ‘friends with”

The singer Higüanero. (Photo: nboca communication)

One day, when he was finishing his degree, Higüanero (José Criado) was called to participate in a band contest at the University of Salamanca. He had never sung on stage before, so he decided to gather a group of friends who did not know each other. The union between them was strengthened: that’s where Sinsinati was born, the group that did not stop playing in the summer of 2018 with the hit Indios y Vaqueros – without forgetting When We Were Two.

That experience was not a fairy tale. “The beginning was catastrophic, but in 2018 everything was shot,” says the artist. His time in the band was “a time above all of friendship”, in which Álvaro, Carlos, Pedro, José and Manú lived together 24 hours for seven days.

Even so, in 2019 Higüanero had a job opportunity in Romania, as a commercial pilot for an airline. “The two things came together, but with music you don’t know if you’re going to have a job in three years. I had to choose to do my own thing, which is what feeds me right now ”, he explains.

He was the first to take his feet out of the pot and, over time, Sinsinati disappeared, although he has preferred not to ask his friends the reason for not having to explain. What he does know is that that same year, in 2019, the already recognized Álvaro de Luna became a contestant on La Voz, in Luis Fonsi’s team. And currently his single does not stop playing on all television programs, Eternal Oath of Salt.

Now Higüanero embarks on the same path, his solo career, at a time when it seems that no song seems to win the title of song of the summer. “It is much more difficult at this time to do what we did with Sinsinati. That a group of young people of 24 or 25 generates that boom … There is no money, music costs a lot and producers do not want to risk too much ”, he emphasizes.

Álvaro de Luna has something very special. My goal is to get your projection

He is already in another phase of life. He does not take everything with as much anxiety as when he was in the group, when he was worried about everything, although, who does not want the same projection that his friend is getting? ”Álvaro de Luna has something very special. His voice is unique and he writes very well. My goal is to achieve that [su proyección]I would be very happy, but if I don’t get to that point I will also give 100% to the people who want to see me ”, he says.

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His plans do not go through being overwhelmed: “I am realizing that it is much more difficult, especially when you do not have five friends supporting you, and friends of friends. You are no longer in the group, there are already people who do not stick to you because you are no longer ‘friends with’.

Hig & # xfc; anero, former member of the Sinsinati gang.  (Photo: nboca comunicaci & # xf3; n)Hig & # xfc; anero, former member of the Sinsinati gang.  (Photo: nboca comunicaci & # xf3; n)

Higüanero, a former member of the Sinsinati gang. (Photo: nboca communication)

There are those that disappear and then there is the music industry, which is not an easy terrain either, to which is added how much it has changed. “It is interesting to give ball to a song. If you put out a record, people will listen to two or three songs – if they buy one – and not ten songs at once as before. It is much more difficult to sell, ”he admits.

Then the marketing factor comes in: “You can’t put out a melancholic song in the summer, you have to put out an Indians and cowboys or a Despacito. The melancholic for November, the rock for September and the summery for May ”.

Although, for now, Higüanero has to settle for doing it little by little, “because music costs money.” He assures that “a record can cost 15,000 euros with the production and the musicians” which makes it very difficult to carry it out “without the backing of a record company.” But he adds and continues: at the end of August he will release another song, then he will record three more and in June 2222 he hopes “to have an album, even if there are 100 copies to distribute,” he humbly comments.

An album can cost 15,000 euros with the production and the musicians. It is very complicated without the endorsement of a record company

At the moment, when it comes to platforms, he barely spends $ 15 per song. They take a percentage, “which is what a record company would do,” he points out, and they count the number of reproductions.

The visualizations, at least on YouTube, do not obsess him at the moment. “Obviously I would like to have millions, but I don’t feel like it right now, I don’t want to run, I want to enjoy it and improve the music I make day by day. Hey, what comes out and we do another Cowboys and Indians? Well, with open arms ”, he says.

For now, while he starts solo, he is still a commercial pilot. He moved to Bucharest suddenly, away from his family and friends, seeing how they followed their paths without him, and that prompted him to write “because people value what they lose” and his work gives him “a lot of time in silence. in a city with another culture ”. That has helped him to write the album that he will be releasing little by little, and has made him “grow personally and musically” and “acquire maturity, also musical”: “Seeing what he wrote in Sinsinati, I think now I do it much better” .

Regarding the lyrics of his song, I cannot be with you, the artist does not want him to “identify with the fact that he cannot be alone with a partner, it is also a ‘I cannot be with you because of this anxiety that I have’, for example . Let each one take the letter as they want ”. That is, after all, art.

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