You are going to hallucinate with the poster of One Piece that a fan of the series has created

Luffy Zoro and Sanji

Despite the fact that One Piece will not be able to close the year reaching chapter 1000, it will as soon as start 2021. Eiichiro Oda has proven to be one of the best manga artists of his entire generation, both for the longevity of his work, and for his good aging, and proof of this are the hundreds of parallel stories and plot arcs that we can observe in each season of One Piece.

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Therefore, it is logical to see how every day Hundreds of artists and followers of his work pay tributes to him like the one we are going to see below. An incredible poster of the crew, and their ship, of The Straw Hats.

A Commission I did some time ago, I choose to not emulate Oda ‘Style to make it more «personal» – except for the sunny (which is build like that) – and I really enjoyed drawing it from r / OnePiece

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The author of this work of art is «Vacirca_Art» who has not hesitated to share the illustration with the rest of his colleagues through the Reddit forum. By the way, if you haven’t seen how the One Piece characters would celebrate the Last Supper yet, you still have time for it.

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