YosStop mocks Bárbara de Regil for playing the victim


The last controversy of Bárbara de Regil was thanks to the protein she sells, as a nutritionist found that the nutritional content they advertise is false.

After this and her support for the Green Party in the middle of the electoral ban, several internet personalities criticized her, including the youtuber YosStop.

YosStop called the actress a liar and hypocrite due to his denial of the participation he had in the propaganda of a political party.

“Look at that villain face, basically what we can conclude is that Barbara tries to manipulate people. “I play the victim because that is the way the soap operas are where I’ve been.” The reality is that she is a liar and lies blatantly in everyone’s face, “attacked the youtuber.

On the other hand, Barbara de Regil It was not long before he made his response public regarding the youtuber’s criticism.

“How strong that we do NOT support each other,” she said.

In both responses there were hundreds of reactions for and against. Barbara received comments advising her to stop paying attention to attacks and criticism. Meanwhile, YosStop was also on trial for attacking another woman.

Apparently the attacks of both influencers will never end.


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