YosStop lawyer points to abuse of power for his arrest


The social media star YosStop was arrested for the alleged crime of child pornography by reproducing, storing and publicizing a video showing a gang rape suffered by the young woman Ainara Suarez in May 2018.

Glad that justice is beginning to be done, it is the first step, we still lack many things but I am glad that things are flowing in this way, “said Ainara.

Meanwhile, Ainara’s lawyer, Javier Schutte indicated that YosStop will remain in preventive detention Until next monday.

The extended constitutional term is currently running, there will be a next hearing on Monday 5 at 10 in the morning, regarding the continuation of the initial hearing on its link to the process will be decided “

For his part, YosStop’s lawyer, Ricardo Cajal, said that his client I was only trying to inform in his social networks about the video that had come to him without the intention of harming anyone.

An imputation was made for an alleged crime of child pornography and in a spectacular abuse of power, from the data that they showed us from the investigation folder, the only evidence they have is the same video of Yoseline in which as a social communicator she describes what happened with the victim at a party “

Cajal assured that it is a abuse of power and they will do everything possible to make YosStop free.

Something brutal, a very harsh attack on freedom of expression, that someone, that a social communicator transmitting a news, a social criticism, have accused her and have her as a person who traffics or generates child pornography. They requested an arrest warrant and executed a search warrant only with that evidence, ”he concluded.

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