YosStop detained, how long will the youtuber last in prison?

YosStop detained, how long will the youtuber last in prison? | INSTAGRAM

This Tuesday, June 29, the popular youtuber YosStop, Yoselinne “N”, It was detained for having committed the crime of child pornography against the young woman we all already know Ainara, who was in charge of report to youtuber after she will reveal the videos of the moment when she was ab * sated by various people.

Ainara’s legal team was in the process against the youtuber for several months, they even revealed the morning show Come la Alegría, how many years could the influencer spend if she is found guilty?

According to the lawyers related to the case Yoselinne “N” could be in prison Come in 7 and 14 years at the moment she is in the women’s social reintegration center Santa Marta Acatitla.

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“I was a minor and in Mexico we have justice for minors So let’s say it is a way to lessen the responsibility along with this part that YouTuber does not have the ability to understand. If he is found guilty, he could have a sentence of between 7 and 14 years ”, was what was reported to the media.

Also the youtuber received an accusation for storage Y reproduction from that video p0rn0 of a 16 year old girl who evidently did not know and did not understand what was happening.

As described on the YouTube channel, this app is already important to mention that at that time it had 7.5 million followers, who could see the video know that she saw it on several occasions and had it stored in addition to having made very serious statements against of the young woman.

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The abuse Ainara received happened in 2018 when she unfortunately became a victim at the age of 16.

In the video the young woman was recorded by four young people who were inserting a bottle of champagne, in addition to which the video was shared in various messaging applications.

It is very curious that this is happening right after the young youtuber was complaining about the YouTube video platform, where they took away her permission to monetize for what she called tyrants and many other things.

We will continue to watch for more information and so that we can know what the outcome of this story is for the content creator, who is now behind bars with good reason according to some users.

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