Yordan Alvaréz can have a good year 2021 in the Big Top

In 2019 he was the great sensation and with just over 80 games he won the rookie of the year award without discussion.

The native of Las Tunas aroused all expectations since then but immediately the injuries made theirs and Yordan could not debut in the atypical 2020 campaign.

If he could play and his breakthrough was in style last year, including a home run, Alvaréz again relapsed into his injury and did not see a game until spring training this year.

At this time, many are talking about the return of the year, as Yordan has started his 2021 well up and this Saturday he hit his first homer of the season, being the mainstay in the victory of the Houston Astros against the Oakland Athletics.

The Cuban has hit a hit in the first games and in this last game he went 5-3, in addition to adding his number 6 RBI.

Although it is true that it is still early to be able to affirm something regarding the possible performance of Yordan Alvaréz; what has been seen until today leaves excellent sensations in the fans.