Yolanda Andrade ‘claims’ Luz María Zetina to be fired because of her

When remembering some guests and experiences together, the conductors took the talk to the point where Yolanda remembered when she was fired, due to an apparent complaint of harassment that Zetina would have done.

“They said that I went into her dressing room, sexually harassed her and wanted to sexually abuse her,” Yolanda said. Andrade.

The presenters spoke openly about the rumor, of which all, except Luz María, were aware. Yolanda He explained that on some occasion both presenters had a physical approach in which they almost kissed while both were in makeup prior to the broadcasts, after this, he visited his partner in his dressing room, a fact that triggered his departure from the program.

“Why didn’t I know about this before?” Zetina, although her companions answered that they doubted she did not know, since her ex-husband (Eduardo Clamesha), would have been the one who directly complained about Yolanda’s approach to his wife.

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