Yokohama F. Marinos leaves Kashiwa Reysol without scoring (1-2)

07/03/2021 at 2:00 PM CEST

The Yokohama F. Marinos played and won 1-2 as a visitor the duel last Saturday in the Kashiwa Hitachi Stadium. The Kashiwa reysol came with the intention of reaping a new victory after achieving the 2-4 victory against the Shonan bellmare. On the part of the visiting team, the Yokohama F. Marinos he won in his last two matches of the competition against him Tokushima Vortis at home and the Sagan tosu in his stadium, by 0-1 and 2-0 respectively and accumulated four victories in a row in the competition. With this good result, the Yokohama team is second, while the Kashiwa reysol It is sixteenth at the end of the match.

During the first period there were no goals by any of the players of each team, so the result remained 0-0 during the first 45 minutes.

After the halfway point of the match, in the second half came the goal for the Yokohama team, who released their marker through a goal from Onaiwu in the 76th minute. After this, a new occasion allowed to increase the score of the visiting team, increasing distances by means of a goal from Maeda at 80 minutes. The local team cut distances thanks to a goal from Mao Hosoya shortly before the end, specifically in 1990, concluding the match with a final score of 1-2.

During the match, both coaches exhausted all their changes. By the Kashiwa reysol they entered from the bench Dodi, Christian, Kitazume, Toshima Y Mao Hosoya replacing Kamiya, Takahashi, Mihara, Mitsumaru Y Segawa, while changes by the Yokohama F. Marinos They were Kida, Saneto, By hand, Bunmathan Y Mizunuma, which entered through Elber, Hatanaka, Ogihara, Takano Y Maeda.

The referee showed a yellow card to Kashiwa reysol, specifically to Mihara. In addition, in the duel there was a red card, which caused the expulsion of Marcos Junior by the visiting team.

With 43 points, the team of Hideki Matsunaga was located in second place in the table, in the entry square to the AFC Champions League, while the team led by Nelsinho baptista he was in sixteenth position with 17 points at the end of the match.

On the next round of the J1 Japanese League, both the Yokohama F. Marinos As the Kashiwa reysol will play at home a new game against him Fukuoka Wasp and the Kashima antlers respectively.

Data sheetKashiwa Reysol:Kim Seung-Gyu, Takahashi (Christian, min.64), Koga, Ominami, Kamiya (Dodi, min.45), Richardson, Mihara (Kitazume, min.64), Takahashi (Christian, min.64), Mitsumaru (Toshima , min.82), Segawa (Mao Hosoya, min.82) and Pedro RaulYokohama F. Marinos:Takaoka, Hatanaka (Saneto, min.50), Martins, Takano (Bunmathan, min.63), Koike, Iwata, Ogihara (Amano, min.63), Marcos Júnior, Maeda (Mizunuma, min.87), Elber (Kida , min.46) and OnaiwuStadium:Kashiwa Hitachi StadiumGoals:Onaiwu (0-1, min. 76), Maeda (0-2, min. 80) and Mao Hosoya (1-2, min. 90)

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