Yoigo, Pepephone and MásMóvil and other entities that provide internet connection services in Spain are experiencing problems this Wednesday, as confirmed by the companies themselves. Failures that have been going on for several hours and that a large number of users, now teleworking or consuming data at home due to the coronavirus quarantine (COVID-19), have reported on social networks.

Although initially the Levante area seemed to be the most affected, the Downdetector service shows that the number of reported cases has spread throughout the Peninsula.

At the moment, the companies do not provide much more additional information to the work they are currently doing in order to solve the situation, which is causing great setbacks among those affected by the particular conditions of the moment described above. Some of those affected report that they have been suffering problems since at least 8:00 am this Wednesday.

Fallen internet in times of coronavirus

From MasMóvil they assure that are working to solve this problem “As soon as possible”, although they do not give a rough estimate of how long this could take. “We understand the situation we are experiencing and we are doing everything necessary to make it as short as possible,” they assured from their Twitter profile, riddled with messages with similar complaints.

And it is not for less, because the aforementioned telework also adds the leisure and online tasks that many boys and girls do these days at home, in the absence of physical classes. With Netflix, YouTube and other services having reduced your connection speed, and urging from the main institutions to a responsible use of the connection, the failures related to the data will not be infrequent these days.

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