You don’t see too many pick-ups on the roads, because they have a very specific function. They are very useful for transporting all types of cargo, so they are ideal for the job. Why not also take advantage of them for leisure time? Take a look at Scout Yoho, the habitable module that converts a pick-up into a caravan for four people.

Scout Yoho attaches to the top of the pick-up, and just adds 414 Kilos of weight, so it is perfectly transportable. Although it is only 189 cm long with a height of 198 cm, it is not a simple sleeping hole.

As we see in this gallery, inside there is a table and chairs to eat or do some activity, cabinets, and four relatively large beds, 137×182 cm. So you can sleep comfortably:

Also has a removable kitchen, and a 200 liter water tank, with filter. Also It has solar panels and a lithium battery that is used to illuminate the interior.

As we see it is a full-fledged caravan (except the bathroom), and allows four people to cook, eat inside, rest and sleep. With the advantage, compared to a motorhome, which can be disassembled to reuse the pick-up for its original loading function.

Of course, you must take into account an important limitation. As our colleague Vicente Cano from Auto Bild tells us, in Spain using this type of habitable modules is completely legal. But it is considered cargo, and therefore no one can go inside while traveling.

So although it is a cabin for 4 people, if the front of your pick-up does not fit those four people, they will have to travel in a separate vehicle.

Also you can not camp outdoors, unless you have permission, or couple in a camping.

Otherwise, this Habitable Scout Yoho module It seems like a very practical and elegant solution. And cheaper than a caravan. Its price is around 17,600 euros.