During pregnancy, many women choose to relax the « consequences » (read vomiting and muscle aches) of this stage with various activities. He yoga It is one of the most practiced activities to achieve relaxation, avoid discomfort and obtain benefits for the mother and baby.

Without a doubt, It is one of the most recommended exercises for pregnant women: in addition to being a low-impact physical activity, it is more effective than walking or exercising in prenatal classes. Furthermore, it can be safely performed on women suffering from depression.

Yoga for pregnant women, a very practiced activity. Yoga for pregnant women can be done alone or accompanied.

Also, yoga helps reduce stress and increases immune function. It also prepares you for labor as it helps reduce pain during labor and even reduces the chance of having a cesarean section.

On the other hand, the Back pain by improving body posture; helps to sleep better; and encourages the formation of an even stronger connection to your baby by focusing on your breathing.

Yoga for pregnant women can be done alone or accompanied.

Still, there are contraindications to consider. In principle, avoid the types of yoga that require much effort like ashtanga, especially if you have never practiced yoga. Also those that are practiced with high temperatures, like Bikram yoga.

When doing yoga, you should avoid doing certain postures that compress the belly or that require a lot of stretching of the abdominal area, as well as postures that require you to lie on your back. Each yoga posture should be done comfortably and without straining the body. If you can’t speak or find it difficult to breathe well while practicing a pose, you’re trying too hard.

Also don’t forget consult and discuss it with your doctor, to ensure that there is no risk to you or your baby.