José Eduardo Derbez surprised his followers by revealing secrets of his love life, including some infidelity

May 23, 2020

The mexican actor José Eduardo Derbez is back in the news on the occasion of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Barbara Escalante, with whom he ended last September, a separation that despite having been on good terms, caused some rumors about his intimate preferences.

The artist, son of the famous comedian Eugenio Derbez, took advantage of this season of confinement to speak, through social networks, with his followers whom he surprised by revealing secrets of their love life, including some infidelity.

José Eduardo Derbez He spoke with the actor Diego de Erice through YouTube, who did not go out of his way to ask him directly if he ever cheated on Barbara Escalante, who was his girlfriend for more than five years.

“Yes and I’m not proud,” the actor replied to his curious colleague, admitting his mistake. José Eduardo Derbez He made it clear that he was discovered by Escalante uncovered in infidelity, nervous about the questions.

The pair of actors theorized about why men are unfaithful, giving rise later to be discovered by their partners. They indicated that men are very obvious when they are being unfaithful and one of the warning signs for their partners is the change of routines.

“We are in a time when infidelity is even. Obviously, men are very assholes, we are to horn and hide. We are very obvious, I feel that if you are going to put the horn on you start to change a lot of things, “he said Derbez.

José Eduardo Derbez He made it clear that his breakup was not due to his infidelity, however he did not make clear the reason for the separation. He also did not reveal the name of the woman he went with. unfaithful to escalante.

The actor claimed he thought he would end up married to Barbara Escalante of not having been discovered in his infidelity. The video quickly surpassed 100,000 thousand likes and caused numerous comments criticizing or recognizing José Eduardo Derbez for your sincerity.