Yes, there is a SpeedFest celebration at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome

Due to this situation due to the SARS-COV2, the organization of the so-called Festival of Speed ​​has released the “Racing from your Car” format, which is a new way to enjoy this closing of the Notiauto Cup season next December 5.

This new scheme determines the opening to the public only through 125 vehicles, which will be parked along turn four and in the entire area of ​​the so-called “Stadium”, a meter and a half from the track.

In addition, each of the attending cars will be separated by drawers, so that the attendees will be isolated from each other by a distance of at least two meters.

Héctor Richards (Sports Director), Manolo Parada (Operations Director) and Enrique Limón (Commercial Director), pointed out that it is a 100% confirmed event. Although the return to red traffic light is latent, the organization is offering all the necessary disinfection measures, approved by the CDMX government.

The initial package per car with a maximum of 5 people will cost 7,600 pesos. This already includes the drawer, a periquera with table and chairs; in addition to food and drink for all attendees. If desired, attendees can request a tent to protect themselves from the sun at a cost of 1500 pesos.

The event will start from 12 o’clock and will receive the TC2000, Super Touring, Super Light Touring, Caribe Cup, Vintage Pro Series and T500 categories.

For more information on packages and availability, you can visit the page