Yes, the One Punch-Man villain and Goku have more in common than you think

Winks between films are quite common and are a great form of compliment between creators and this time we have found a hilarious match between two series that seem to have nothing to do, as well as totally opposite characters. And it is that recently we saw Boros from One Punch-Man looks like a character from Among Us, however, the question is, is a villain from One Punch-Man could have something in common with Goku?

In a plot of heroes the similarities in battle of series from various franchises can be many, at this time the anime and fighting manga is quite developed and many stories and options have been explored, however, when similarities are found between characters they are also antagonistic in a series, it becomes a totally interesting idea and that is what we see in Lord Boro from One Punch-Man in contrast with Goku from Dragon Ball. Similarities like wink? Coincidence? Or a little parody of Goku?

Is Lord Boros truly the strongest being?

Boron is a character whose main motivation is to be the strongest and constantly challenges bigger and bigger opponents in favor of his ego, and this is reflected in his constant process of evolution, where he transforms and grows his hair, the main coincidence with Dragon ball, where the characters transform into Saiyayin, increase their powers and grow hair. Have you ever wondered, Could Goku from Dragon Ball defeat Lord Boros from One Punch Man?

Meanwhile even though we could compare to Lord Boro with any character from Dragon ball, when we compare and know the history of GokuWe realize that his motivation from the beginning is to fight and become the strongest, almost just because. And although plots involving wife, children and friends are added to the story, the main motivation is to train to be stronger and beat great fighters.

What makes without a doubt Lord Boro from One Punch-Man, is created as a character and as a drawing in everything Goku represents perhaps in the form of a wink and parody at the same time of one of the most famous anime in history. Dragon ball And you, have you noticed that similarity?

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