Yes or no to Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest look?

Carrie Bradshaw appears to have taken control of Sarah Jessica Parker’s dressing room on her latest outing in New York. Hit or Miss?

Yes or no to Sarah Jessica Parker's latest look?

The renowned 55-year-old actress is preparing to reprise her role as Carrie, the unforgettable character from “Sex and The City,” and it seems the young journalist is already dominating Sarah’s wardrobe.

Her shoe store, located at 93 South Street in New York, became her new favorite place and she usually goes every week to serve clients herself with very varied and daring looks.

In her latest appearance, Sarah paired a black dress with colorful flowers and a square neckline with a plaid shirt, red shoes from her collection, and pink knee-highs from Gucci.

Yes or no to Sarah Jessica Parker's latest look?

On January 10, Sarah took her fans by surprise when she shared a video on Instagram announcing the return of Carrie and her friends albeit without Samantha. The HBO max series that will have 10 chapters does not have a confirmed premiere date but if the pandemic allows it, we will see Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte again this year.

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Thanks to Carrie’s risky looks with style clashes, “Sex and the City” became a fashion reference and apparently “And just like that …” will have the same winks.