The Spanish Football Federation will finally agree to play LaLiga matches on Fridays and Mondays during the month and a half that remains of the competition. After a judge ruled that this could not be the case unless there was an agreement with the LFP, the FEF issued an official statement expressing its willingness to reach it.


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This is the statement:

“The RFEF shows your maximum satisfaction by the sentence handed down this morning by the Commercial Judge nº 2 of Madrid, in which he dismisses the demand of the League and declares that the dispute of matches on Friday and Monday requires the approval of the RFEF.

The RFEF has always been convinced that it was assisted by reason in this matter. And from the first moment it offered the League the possibility of negotiating freely.

At this time, the RFEF wants to highlight the judge’s mandate, which he values ​​very positively, that both parties must negotiate in good faith. The RFEF agrees with that position of the Judge and once again expresses its will to do so and with loyalty for the future, as it has done in the past.

Even more, The RFEF wants to show its good will clearly, making it easier for the Season to end without problems, maintaining the spirit of harmony expressed in the Palacio de Viana with the League and the CSD. Therefore, it offers the League, without linking it to the start of negotiations, that matches can be played on Friday and Monday, which are included in the calendar, from the resumption of competition and until the end of this Season without requesting anything in exchange for this month and a half.

Along with this, the RFEF assumes the commitment to maintain that predisposition for the start of the next Season, attending to the evolution of the health situation and especially if it supposes that meetings must be held behind closed doors, trusting that the League knows how to value the predisposition shown by the RFEF and this can lead to a good understanding in the future that is satisfactory for the whole world of soccer.

This is a first assessment. The RFEF will study in detail the sentence. For the moment, it is enough to confirm their respect and satisfaction for what has been decided. “