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Yellow Pages is digitized. The iconic directory distributes its latest edition, after more than 50 years giving voice to Spanish businesses and being a key player in the development of our business fabric; and, especially, of small businesses. The guide, born in 1967, has been published more than 2,750 times, reaching among its pages the ads of up to 300,000 businesses. Regarding the number of copies, the maximum was reached in 2017, when around 16 million units were distributed. These same businesses continue to be advertised on, the most consulted online directory of companies in Spain, which of course remains within the 100% digital strategy set by BeeDIGITAL.

Throughout its history, the company has adapted its solutions as Spanish society has evolved, always with the aim of making cutting-edge tools adapted to their needs and those of a highly changing consumer market available to SMEs.

Yellow Pages is digitized.

“For years we have experienced a deep digitization of our economy, which has forced us to transform our solutions and processes with some urgency, while at the same time opening up new market opportunities. We have digitized our business model to continue helping SMEs to grow and attract new customers. Before we did it with Yellow Pages, now with leading digital marketing solutions ”, he explains Javier Castro, CEO of BeeDIGITAL.

Yellow Pages is digitized.Yellow Pages is digitized.

The company has managed to consolidate a portfolio of digital products tailored to the characteristics of small businesses. Its solutions include creating and maintaining web pages, presence in more than 50 relevant sites, social media management, search engine optimization, online advertising campaigns and e-commerce options. It is a 360º digital identity strategy, which allows the SME to be where the potential client is looking for it: the Internet.

The solutions are designed for small businesses to incorporate digitization in a simple way, allowing them to only have to worry about the normal development of their business. The new services are already used by more than 70,000 businesses; for those who have created more than 140,000 websites and managed 44,000 Google Ads campaigns.

From BeeDIGITAL, they have worked to convey to SMEs the prevailing need to be on the Internet, especially throughout 2020. The digital presence has become essential to be visible in the eyes of the consumer, and, increasingly, to maintain sales and respond to new buying habits. For this reason, they have undertaken different initiatives that seek to promote this digitization of small businesses.

“The digital market has become the true protagonist of our consumer economy. During the last years, users have incorporated the Internet into our daily lives in a total way. The new consumer searches, consults, chooses and decides to buy from a brand through their smartphone. Spanish SMEs must be aware of this change and dare to make this digital leap. At BeeDIGITAL we are committed to accompanying them ”, concludes Javier Castro.