Yarmolenko: “We will try to play our football”

06/26/2021 at 7:46 PM CEST

Marc Zapater

The footballer of West Ham, Andriy Yarmolenko, commented at a press conference, held in the Ukraine Press Center in Bucharest, that despite the aggressive playing style of the Swedish team, the team is preparing for the round of 16 clash of the Eurocup and that the “strongest & rdquor; will be victorious.

“The Europe confirms that now there are no weak teams and football has stabilized. Everyone can beat everyone. I can only say that they criticize us for the result and the game. I agree with some criticisms, but I would like to ask you to be a little more positive, because we passed the group stage and we have progressed as a team & rdquor;

“As for the physical condition, all the boys feel good. The last game affected us, of course. When you lose the ball, you have to run a lot, you look tired. That is probably why it seemed to everyone that we were not very well prepared physically. But we’ve been working on the national team for a month and a half, we’ve had good training. Everything should be fine, “he commented. Yarmolenko in relation to the physical state of the team.

“The fact that we have two more days to prepare plays a very important role. We will try to benefit from this“added the footballer.

Finally, Yarmolenko was blunt when asked about the criticism received from the press:

“I have said it repeatedly: the more journalists write that I am old and cannot play football, the more it motivates me to work and prove to my critics that this is not the case. Do it more. Helps me improve“, concluded the Ukrainian player.

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