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The rapid expansion of the coronavirus forced us to increase the time we spend at home, in order to avoid possible infections. This has generated a significant increase in Internet purchases, specifically in relation to products related to home entertainment. According to site logs Yapo.cl, between February and April of this year there was an increase in 32% in searches for video game consoles and, in the case of Playstation 4, the rise reached a Four. Five%. Thus, video game consoles are positioned as favorites within the consumer category.

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“In the midst of quarantine, it is important to find distraction mechanisms to weigh up the confinement and social distancing. In this line, video game consoles are entertainment platforms suitable for the whole family. At Yapo.cl, there is an increase in the sales percentage of all consoles available on the site, when comparing sales made only during April compared to the same month last year. This shows that video games are one of the preferred ways to enjoy at home, “he said. Katherine Aybar, Marketing Manager at Yapo.cl.

So far this year, the console Playstation 4 records an average price of $ 225,000while the Playstation 3 can be found from $ 40,000. On the other hand, the offer of both consoles available on the site exceeds 25,000 ads. Other of the most demanded consoles on the site are Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and Playstation Vita.

This is the list of the 10 most wanted consoles on Yapo.cl

10. Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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