Yankees: Gleyber Torres out of lineup due to health protocols

The shortstop of the Yankees from New York, Gleyber Torres, will be out of the lineup today against the Tampa Rays, this as a precaution and complying with the health protocols for this 2021 season of Big leagues (MLB).

The Yankees They have since yesterday some positive cases of COVID-19 in their ranks and because of this for “great caution” while the team awaits the results of the tests of the joint committee MLB-MLBPA, the Venezuelan Gleyber Torres he will not be from the game today against the Rays.

towers Due to waiting for his test, he will not play tonight against the Rays, this out of mere precaution and not to have surprises with the COVID pandemic, but it is also good to note that the loss of this player is important for the Yankees.

Although the Venezuelan will not be aligned today by the Yankees, This is something to talk about since this player was already infected a few months ago with COVID-19 and at the beginning of this 2021 campaign he received the doses of the vaccine properly, so if he is set aside it is due to suspicions and that is why he is born this question Does the virus repeat ?.

Here is the report:

The Yankees They will want to get out of this mild outbreak fast in which three confirmed trainers tested positive for COVID-19, being Phil Nevin, Reggie Willits and Matt Blake. They also have four support staff members who are confirmed positives.

towers is currently batting .234 with 29 hits, a home run and 10 RBIs with the Yankees.

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