Yangervis Solarte off the Tijuana Bulls’ inaugural roster

The Venezuelan Yangervis Solarte did not make the inaugural roster of the Bulls from Tijuana and will not be in the first series of the 2021 season of the Mexican League from Baseball (LMB).

The Bulls from Tijuana, driven this 2021 season of the Mexican League from Baseball by Venezuelan Omar Vizquel they announced their roster for the Opening Day of the same and highlights that the also player from this country, Yangervis Solarte He is not part of the first list of players, missing this since he was painting for starting third baseman.

However, it is expected that Bulls announce a list of players they will have throughout the season of the LMB, same in which possibly if there is the name of Yangervis SolarteAn experienced player who undoubtedly makes noise when he doesn’t see him on the inaugural roster.

In addition, it is strange that the Venezuelan is not available for the Bulls from Tijuana at the beginning of a new harvest of the LMB Because the manager Omar Vizquel himself had given indications that this would be his starting third baseman.

Here is the report:

Solarte With extensive experience in the Major Leagues and in Japanese baseball, it is one of the luxury pieces that the Tijuana organization will have in this campaign of the Mexican League from BaseballHowever, the fans and fans, both Venezuelans, and those of this team will have to wait for this player to be activated.

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