Yalitza Aparicio shows that she lost the practice of making tortillas by hand

Yalitza Aparicio She has always highlighted how proud she is of her indigenous roots, however, she showed that the luxuries of Hollywood have made her forgetting how to prepare something very basic in Mexican cuisine.

Everything seems to indicate that the actress forgot how tortillas are made by hand, when through Instagram revealed that it is no longer good for grinding corn and showed that he lost the practice to do them.

“I’m no longer good at grinding, my tortillas are too small”He wrote in a story on the platform teaching that he did not like the result.

As she shows it, she takes advantage of her free time to spend time with the family or to do what she likes, but it seems that the busy life she has led since she achieved great recognition for her work in the film ‘Roma’, by Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón , made You will completely forget about the procedure to make the typical Mexican element.

It is true that Aparicio’s life took an unexpected turn when she debuted as an actress, but taking that great leap has never meant for her to feel ashamed of her origin and culture, on the contrary, she has joined various campaigns to fight against the discrimination, as he recently announced on his social networks when he launched the “black power”, as the initiative was called, together with other celebrities.

The campaign is intended to show pride in having brown skin and is a defense against discriminatory acts that brown people often face both in the entertainment industry and in real life.

“My skin is respected, my skin sweats, my skin resonates, in my skin there is no doubt, my skin loves, my skin is pure flavor. We are not few, we are a shitload! #PoderPrieto #DondeHayPrieturaHaySabrosura ”, published the Oscar nominee.

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