Yalitza Aparicio publishes her first video on Youtube and drives her fans crazy | Instagram

The actress from Rome, Yalitza Aparicio, who has been away from projects in the artistic medium after her last appearance on screen, now would dedicate her days to a new activity, will be Youtuber.

The confinement has led several artists to find new ways to be closer to their fans, and now the artist of origin Oaxacan It is not the exception, since it released its first video, and the reactions of its fans were immediate.

Before the lockdown, the histrionic has turned her participation to « social causes » some forums on equality and the role of women today, some advertising campaigns, as well as the fight against the lack of diversity in the industry and has even become a spokesperson against racism in Hollywood.

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Currently, without a plan within television and cinema, the winner of Rome Alfonso Cuarón, Yalitza Aparicio He surprised on social networks when announcing his project after disappearing from the media.

The actress Mexican became a trend in social networks just a few months ago, in May when it published its first column in the The New York Times, Which was titled « In Mexico, Rome lit the fire for the rights of the worker. » And recently she was invited to be part of the Hollywood Academy.

In the midst of all the controversies with which she has been surrounded in recent months, the actress Yalitza Aparicio decided to immerse himself in the environment of the YouTubers

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This Wednesday July 29 He published his first video noting that after much work he would have the doors of a new space open to reflect and meet « new stories, places and people. »

What I do, what I think and what I defend … what I am. « After much work today we open the doors of a new space to continue reflecting together; getting to know new stories, places and people.

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I want them to know me for what I do, for what I think and for what I defend « , he said Yalitza in front of the camera.

At the beginning of the video you can see that some images of the actress as it passes through the Red carpet, as well as some other programs and interviews after his sudden fame.

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It also shows some of the social causes for which he currently fights, as well as speeches in which he defended them.

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Now Yalitza, has given a new meaning and space to her opinions, and apparently she is very excited to start this new faceta, of which her most loyal followers have given her full support.