Yalitza Aparicio is invited to join La Academia | .

Known for her participation in the film Roma Yalitza Aparicio of Mexican origin, she has been invited to be part of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just like other celebrities.

After his participation in the Mexican movie She received an Oscar nomination and although she did not win, she became a celebrity thanks to her.

The news of your invitation to The academy has quickly become a trend in the microblogging service because although at the time it was criticized today it is praised.

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« We look forward to continuing to nurture an Academy that reflects the world around us in our membership, our programs, our new Museum and in our awards, » said the academy CEO, Dawn Hudson, in a written statement.

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The support you have had in Twitter It is surprising because users have shown their support and even made some memes.

« Yalitza Aparicio, the first indigenous Mexican woman who was nominated for best actress in her first role, and now a member of the academy, what an inspiration, » shared a user on Twitter.

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The star has always been characterized for being very reserved As for his private life, so he did not deny or confirm anything about a new relationship.

Despite this Yalitza He reiterated that at the moment he was not talking about feelings since she has made several mistakes because when she became a public figure her private life was a little exposed and even more so when she made comments in interviews.

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Until now Yalitza He has not shared anything related to his invitation, but surely his fans are excited by the news and they let him know through messages on his Instagram, giving him their support as well as his own family.

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