Yakuza Like a Dragon, a more fluid world

We are still here reviewing the different games that take advantage of the benefits of the Xbox Series X and this time I am going to tell you a little about the changes it brings Yakuza Like a Dragon, a title that visually does not change much, but that at the performance level is where the difference is most noticeable.

yakuza like a dragon

Everything moves better

At the time I told them a little about what is going on Yakuza Like a Dragon and as its protagonist Ichiban must rise from his fall from grace. Starting the game in Series X was a breeze, just download the game, log in and load the game. The most obvious change is the fluidity of the game.

I commented to them that on Xbox One the jerks were very noticeable when running, at karaoke or in kart races. Here, everything goes smoothly, the movements are supremely fluid, the mechanics do not feel forced and even at the time of battles it is much easier to identify when to block.

Yakuza Like a Dragon

Another element that benefits a lot is the quick time events. Many skills require that we press a button once or repeatedly, to improve the damage of the attack. The delay in One made things a bit tricky, but now, there is no problem.

Speed ​​improves too

Another noticeable change in Yakuza Like a Dragon are the loading times. The Xbox One version could take two to three minutes to load after a main mission. In the same way, the beginning of each confrontation had its waiting time, not long, but it was not instantaneous either.

Yakuza Like a Dragon

While in Series X, none of that. Yes, sometimes we have loading screens, but those do not take more than two seconds, sometimes it goes so fast that even those loading screens overlap with the task to be done. A lot has happened to me when taking an exam.

Sure there are visual improvements

I don’t want there to be misunderstandings. Yakuza Like a Dragon It looks very different in its version of Series X, of course there are differences. Especially in elements of the city such as the finishes of the buildings, the water, the reflection of the sun and the lights. However, where the change is most noticeable is in terms of speed and fluidity.

I do not know if this is the game with which everyone should release their next-gen Microsoft console, but for fans of the saga it is a good option. The story is interesting, the fighting mechanics are also a novelty and nothing better than enjoying it in this loose way.