Yahoo Answers, after more than 15 years operating, will close forever on May 4

One of the oldest and most popular question and answer platforms on the internet, Yahoo Answers, closing in a month. Since 2005, Yahoo Answers has allowed users to ask questions and wait for others to respond and offer solutions to their questions. It will not be possible to continue doing this from next May 4.

As announced by Yahoo !, as of May 4, 2021, the Yahoo Answers page will redirect to the Yahoo! home page. On the other hand, all the questions and answers in your file will disappear and will no longer be accessible by the public. The platform closes like this a stage with tens and hundreds of thousands of questions and answers from your community.

The closure will not be abrupt, but first of all the users they will no longer be able to launch new questions as of April 20. Subsequently, the closing will proceed and users will be able to request a copy of their data until June 30. After June 30, there will be no way for users to recover the platform data.

New Times

In 2017 the company Yahoo! was acquired by Verizon Media Group for about 5 billion dollars. From that moment on, decisions were made about the future of Yahoo! and to draw a new strategy for the brand. Among those decisions seems to be that of not spending resources on services and platforms in which they see no future.


According to Yahoo! in recent years the Yahoo Answers platform has become less popular. This has occurred “as the needs of our members have changed.” If we add to this that they have decided to focus resources “on products that better serve our members” we have the answer to why the closure is taking place.

In recent years and with the explosion of social networks in the last decade, Internet users’ doubts have been solved more on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. For its part, Yahoo Answers has been accumulating more and more questions of the most bizarre and nonsense, becoming its own meme.

For much of his history Yahoo! as a company it has made a number of blunders. Recently and one of the most serious was what at the time became the largest data breach in history. Today, its finance platform is one of the most popular in Japan.

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