XSigma publishes its highly anticipated whitepaper ahead of the DEX launch

Key facts:

XSigma is incentivizing traders through its Swap Subsidy cash back protocol.

They hope to launch the DEX xSigma in late January for the benefit of traders, providers and investors.

After an intensive development cycle, xSigma Corporation has released the official whitepaper (whitepaper) for its upcoming decentralized exchange. The 17-page document provides an overview of the DEX xSigma, including its technical specifications, tokenomics, and product development roadmap.

The whitepaper chronicles the evolution of decentralized exchanges and the myriad challenges currently facing the industry. It then provides a detailed explanation of how the DEX xSigma will address those challenges. The whitepaper also introduces readers to the platform’s native GIS token, which provides utility in a variety of functions, including voting, claiming trade fees, and collecting farm bonuses.

In addition to launching a rewards program for liquidity providers, xSigma is also incentivizing traders through its Swap Subsidy cash back protocol. As the whitepaper notes, “xSigma will subsidize traders” by offering a refund to cover a portion of their gas transaction fee. The refund is financed by a separate deposit initially arranged by xSigma.

XSigma’s whitepaper is released after the successful conclusion of its smart contract, a major milestone on the way to launching the decentralized exchange. With development complete, the xSigma smart contract is currently undergoing extensive technology audits to ensure the safety of funds and the integrity of the overall ecosystem.

Traders, liquidity providers and investors can expect that the DEX xSigma launches in late January.

XSigma launches just in time for the bull market. The cryptocurrency market recently reached the $ 1 trillion milestone, and DeFi protocols drove a significant portion of the gains. With the DEX xSigma, investors now have a trusted DeFi player in the fold, one that aims to improve the user experience and provide reliable services backed by a publicly traded company.

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