Xin Yu Wang moves on to the next phase of Wimbledon

06/24/2021 at 1:30 PM CEST

The China Xin Yu Wang, number 144 of the WTA, fulfilled the predictions when winning by 6-2 and 6-1 in an hour to Elitsa Kostova, Bulgarian tennis player, number 259 in the WTA, in the qualifying round of Wimbledon. After this result, the winner will be in the next phase of Wimbledon.

The Bulgarian tennis player managed to break serve once, while Wang, meanwhile, did it 5 times. Likewise, the Chinese player achieved 57% effectiveness in the first service, committed 2 double faults and took 78% of the service points, while her rival achieved 60% effectiveness, made 2 double faults and won 38% of the service points.

The tournament London (Wimbledon Singles Fem.) previously has a qualification phase where the tennis players with the lowest rankings face to obtain their place in the official tournament against the rest of the applicants. To do this, they must achieve as many points as possible. During this part of the competition, in particular, a total of 128 players face each other. It also takes place between June 21 and July 11 on outdoor grass.

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