Ximena Navarrete reveals reasons for the loss of her first baby

Ximena Navarrete opened her heart to reveal her difficult pregnancy process after losing a baby in 2018, in order to inspire other women who want to have a child under the same circumstances that she went through. Currently, the former Miss Universe will become a mother for the first time in the next few months. During a talk with an expert in pregnancy, the actress also told how she discovered that she would have difficulties to become pregnant naturally, as well as the genetic disorder of her first child, a topic that until now she had not touched publicly.

Ximena Navarrete© @ ximenanrXimena Navarete opened her heart to reveal her difficult pregnancy process

“It is very difficult to live, because there is a lot of uncertainty. It is a process that involves a lot of pain, it is fatigue, it is the medicine, it is trying a treatment, trying another. That is why I have decided that I do have to talk about it, ”said the 33-year-old model.

And he continued giving details of his ordeal. “We were successful in the first in vitro. I got pregnant, I lost the baby I was expecting, it was a boy. I lost it after 15 weeks ”.

“I had a biopsy of that baby while the baby was still alive, and we were able to find out that what he had was a trisomy, a genetic malformation that is incompatible with life, that is, the baby was not going to be born, he was not going to to be able to breathe, many things were going wrong, “the native of Guadalajara recalled with anguish.

Ximena Navarrete© @ ximenanr The former Miss Universe announced her pregnancy last June

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