Ximena Duque reveals that her son will not go to university

Ximena Duque could not be more proud of her eldest son, Cristan Carabias. The 16-year-old has not only taught her about the wonders of being a mom, but with his steadfast steps in life and the maturity that he has for his young age, he continues to impress her. In an interview with HI! USES, the actress and businesswoman revealed that her son does not have the same plans to go to college as most young people after finishing high school; however, see qualities in him that will lead you on a very good path in life and, of course, she will be there to support you in whatever decision you make.

Ximena Duque and family© HolaXimena Duque is proud of her eldest son, Cristan

In a few months, Cristan will graduate from high school. And, although his stage as a senior was greatly affected by the pandemic, he returned to school very excited to see his classmates again. However, his plans to be present in the classrooms do not seem to have a future at the university.

“He doesn’t want to go, I’m sad to tell it, but I’m going to get out of that pain because I shouldn’t have it and I think that many mothers and fathers live the same way. My son does not want to go to college, I am telling you in scoop ”, Ximena said in an exclusive interview with HI! USES.

“He is clear that he does not want to go to university. When he turns 18 he will be a man, I cannot force him to go to College ”, added the mother of Moon Y Skye. Upon hearing her son’s plans, Ximena remembered that she went through a similar situation, although with quite different reasons. “I did not go because I did not have the economic possibility, besides that at that time I did not have papers, I could not enter a university and I had to learn from books, survive, fight to achieve that American dream,” he said.

Cristan Carabias, son of Ximena Duque© @ carabiascristanCristan has no plans to study at university, but to pursue a successful future

And it is that Cristan, whom Ximena had at the age of 19 with her then partner, Christian Carabias, has good examples at home to follow, especially her mother. “Today I am, thanks to God and being modest, a successful woman, that I am financially well, that I am intelligent. Not necessarily going to college makes you smarter or less than others. Books do give you an education that perhaps not even the university gives you, “he explained.

Although the boy has the full support of his parents, at first his decision put his mother in check. “When he told me he didn’t want to go, it took me a bit hard. But beyond what I thought, he was tough because of society, as he is Ximena’s son, people see him perfectly. In my family we are not perfect. I fight with my husband, I fight with my children that is, I also wake up sometimes with a bad temper, I am hormonal or what do I know. We are not perfect, we are far from perfect, “he said with his heart in hand.

Ximena Duque: her children first

Despite being shocking news, in the end Ximena understood what really mattered. “It’s like that image now my son is not going to college, what are they going to say? Then I understood that I have to care about three cucumbers what they will say, “he explained with the hope of seeing him happy. And, in addition to the example that she herself has given Crsitan, at home Jay adkins, the husband and father of Ximena’s daughters, is also a good model of professional success. “My son does not want to go to college, he has me as an example, my husband did not go either. He doesn’t have a certification or a career. He is a supremely intelligent man, indeed, he is one of the most brilliant men I have ever met in my life. He does not have a university, and he is successful ”, she added, proud of the fruit of her effort.

Luna, daughter of Ximena Duque© @ lunaadkins3Jay Adkins, Ximena Duque’s husband, is another good example for Cristan

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