Ximena Duque introduces us to her third daughter, Skye

In Ximena Duque’s home the laughter is heard once again, the constant coming and going of the actress and her husband, Jay Adkins, in a routine that changed on February 6 with the arrival of Skye, their second daughter in common. The baby is a true miracle that was born in the most complicated time for modern society, a birth marked by the pandemic caused by a dangerous virus in the world that, despite the extreme care of the family, arrived at the home of the actress 36 years old.

That challenge that her life gave her while waiting for her little girl was for Ximena a true nightmare that endangered the lives of mother and daughter in the final stretch of pregnancy. However, the shock was overcome with the unconditional support of his family and united them much more as such.

Fortunately, those days are behind us and, without forgetting the apprenticeship, Ximena Duque chatted exclusively with HI! USES about her new days as a mom, how her three-year-old daughter Luna welcomed the baby home, and new experiences with Cristan, your teenage son, who has decided to take his own path to success in an inspiring way.

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What was it like to live the final stage of your pregnancy in times of a pandemic?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 came home 37 weeks pregnant, gave it to my mom, my husband, and my daughter Luna. Anyway … then I followed. I never imagined that I would end up in the hospital either. According to me: ‘well, I’m pregnant, I have a super strong immune system, I’m young, I take care of myself, I do sports …’ Pum! he knocked me down and they took me to hospital. It was very complicated and I think it was not so much the virus as such, but the situation, which entails having that type of virus and that family situation.

What was the most worrying moment during your hospitalization?

I arrived at the hospital with a picture of pneumonia. One like mom overcomes what he has to overcome, and if you get sick, then you recover. But, being pregnant, it was the concern of: ‘will my daughter come in well, is she breathing, is it affecting her?’ Then the amniotic fluid started to go down, then another concern. I was alone, between four walls and without my husband, without my mother. I was thinking: am I going to end up in a cesarean section? What is going to happen? No one can come. All those things go through your mind. It was a real nightmare that I do not wish on anyone.

We saw your husband, Jay Adkins, very emotionally affected, now how is he?

Those days made me appreciate my husband a lot, I fell in love even more. If I was already re-in love, now I am much more, because as one promises oneself at the altar: ‘Through thick and thin, in health and disease’. As a father, I was incredibly surprised by how he handled the situation with Luna. It was mom and dad for three weeks. He was very anguished, in fact he says that he was very traumatized because seeing me in such a condition that at some point I found myself was very hard for him. The experience made us stronger as a couple, as individuals, as a married couple and as a family.

With this re-infatuation, will they renew their vows or will there be some special celebration?

(Laughter) I would like to, but when we turn 10 years old. We are going to celebrate five years of marriage, I would like my children to be part of the court, something familiar, something small. I was just talking about it with a friend and I was telling her that I would love to renew vows on the beach in five years, it would be a dream come true. With my princesses, my big son who takes me to the altar again, my daddy is gone; But, my son can do it for him. So relax, I’ll give the scoop to you.

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