Mijia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Version

This new smart plug makes Gateway. With the previous model it was necessary to use an additional Gateway that switchboard to control all smart home automation. With this new model it is no longer necessary, since it is in charge of connecting to the home WiFi to control the rest of the devices through the mobile. Thanks to this, you can create smart links between devices, such as having the air conditioning turn on when the thermometer reaches 27 degrees, or activate the humidifier if the humidity drops below 40%.

The control of the Gateway is done through the Mijia application, being able to make a device turn off and on remotely. It also saves consumption statistics in real time, weekly and monthly. A countdown has also been added, being able to tell the plug to turn off after a few hours, ideal for charging, for example, devices such as electric vehicles, electric pots, etc.

Its price is 49 yuan, about 6 euros to change. It is already on sale in China.

Redmi Smart Band

Xiaomi has also launched a new smart bracelet in India: the Redmi Smart Band. This is a new international version of the Redmi Band from China, or the Mi Band 4C that they announced a few months ago. It has a 1.08-inch screen and a non-removable strap. It is available in four colors: blue, black, green and orange.

The bracelet has 50 different spheres, step counter, sleep monitoring, heart sensor, sedentary reminders to get up, music control and notifications. The battery lasts for two weeks, and the bracelet is waterproof up to 5 atmospheres.

The bracelet will be on sale in India from tomorrow at a price of Rs 1,599, about 18.4 euros to change. In Spain we know it as Mi Band 4C, and we can buy it for 20 euros on Amazon at this link. Personally, it is better to buy a Mi Band 4 to have the same functionalities in a smaller size, while the Mi Band 5 offers a larger screen and many more functionalities for a price that is also very similar, being better to buy the latter to have the most advanced bracelet from Xiaomi.

Philips LED ceiling lights

Xiaomi has once again partnered with Philips to launch two LED ceiling lamps. One has a round size oriented to bedrooms with a power of 33 W, while another has a more rectangular size oriented to living rooms, with a power of 80 W. The temperature and intensity are adjustable.

The dorm room is priced at 399 yuan, about 50 euros. The roof rises up to 1,299 yuan, about 161 euros.