Xiaomi is determined to win the love of cats thanks to a very well thought-out product line and, now, she sells a most useful toy for our feline to have fun and exercise at the same time. It is a great eye that really is a laser pointer that we can control with our mobile.

The Xiaomi thing with cats is becoming an obsession. At his store, Youpin, a lot of objects and devices are sold and in recent months we have seen an automatic food dispenser, a smart litter box and less technological products, such as a cardboard box-house-scratcher-toy for cats.

Now, however, comes one of those toys with which the owners of a cat are right. And is that, Xiaomi sells a laser pointer for cats that we can control with our mobile, although it also has a very interesting autonomous mode.

As usual, these products are not built by Xiaomi, but by other brands that the technology company welcomes under your umbrella at Youpin. The toy in question has a shape, and dimensions, very similar to its surveillance camera (which for less than 35 euros is perfect for monitoring pets, by the way), but it differs in that it has a large painted eye and cat ears .

The truth is the design is not the most attractive to have in the living room, but while our friend has fun … that matters little. And yes, all of us who live in a cat’s house know that lasers are one of the best toys that can be bought.

As a pupil, the eye has a laser pointer that projects both autonomously based on the movements of the cat and controlled by us thanks to a mobile app that uses the movement control of our smartphone.

So, we can play ‘manually’ with our friend, but also program the app to automatically turn on and off. This is a great idea for our four-legged friend to stop being sedentary, a problem in some domestic cats that spend time alone.

Power is supplied by two AA batteries or a microUSB 2.0 cable so that we do not have to waste batteries, being the best option if you are going to be in a fixed point of home.

This Xiaomi smart bracelet is available in Asia and some Spanish stores, such as Amazon. It comes with better autonomy and more precision in the sensors.

If you are interested, you can buy it for about 30 euros on Aliexpress through this link. Yes, the cat may ignore it later, but with our sleepy friends you never know.