This impressive projector will allow you to create an entire movie theater in your living room.

A $ 4,000 laser projector seems to be the latest craze Xiaomi sells. Thanks to this device, screens of up to 200 inches can be generated in any place that has enough space.

We are not talking about a product developed by the Chinese firm, but rather under its protection and distributed by Youpin. It will be difficult to see it outside of China officially, but we will review all its characteristics in case it convinces you. Who doesn’t want a cinema in their living room?

A huge 200-inch screen in your living room.

There is no wall for so much screen

The Fengmi Laser Cinema 4K Max is not much bigger than a PlayStation, it can be placed in the same cabinet as the TV would be so that it projects directly to the wall. You can choose between various screen sizes up to an astonishing 200 inches, also with HDR10 + technology and 4K resolution.

The projector doesn’t arrive alone, so you can enjoy the best image quality features a 100-inch non-reflective screen. You will be able to unfold it and place it in a comfortable way – whenever it fits – to get the most out of the Chinese device. For now you can book it at by a price of 27,999 yuan, about 3,500 euros, more than 4,000 dollars.

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