Xiaomi “recycles” the screens of the Mi Band 5 for the Mi 11 Ultra, have you noticed?

Curious, Lei Jun himself has recognized that the secondary screens of the Mi 11 Ultra are actually … the same AMOLED 1.1 “ of the Mi Band 5 of 2020!

True things will say some, and it is that in its massive event in two chapters –Part I and Part II– Xiaomi finally showed us the best of its catalog, with two differential smartphones such as the new Mi 11 Ultra and its first folding smartphone the Mi MIX Fold, seeking to innovate to be at the forefront of the market.

In fact, it is that photography is so superlative on the Mi 11 Ultra that we could almost introduce you to a new family of compact cameras with a high-end smartphone inside, including this time a small AMOLED panel on the back that will allow not only taking selfies with preview but also adding certain useful functions such as notifications or an always-on clock.

Once a compact camera was attached to a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, with its secondary screen and everything!

It is not the first time we see this feature, already explored by LG in the past or by Meizu as well, although introduced by Xiaomi as one more dressing for a gigantic photographic module, with advanced utilities and high quality in its 1.1 inches diagonal.

Is about an AMOLED panel, not in vain, with all its showy colors and high resolution (126 x 294 pixels in 1.1 inches) that ensures sharpness to preview self-photos, adding a low consumption when it is time to stay always on with the clock, notifications, call alerts or multimedia controls.

In an interview, Lei Jun acknowledged that the secondary screen of the Mi 11 Ultra is actually the same as the one used in the 2020 Mi Band 5, although he did not confirm that they were being recycled from unsold units of the bracelet.

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It has something in common with the Mi Band 5 quantifying bracelet from 2020, and that is indeed according to GizmoChina, it seems that Xiaomi is reusing the screens of the Mi Band 5 to integrate them into the photographic module of the brand new Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

The news was revealed by local media such as ITHome, following an interview in which Lei Jun, CEO of the Haidian giant, acknowledged that this 1.1-inch AMOLED panel which gives differentiation to your new flagship phone actually It was identical on their quantifying bracelets of the past course 2020. It should be remembered that the new Mi Band 6 has increased its size to 1.56 inches.

Obviously Lei Jun did not talk about whether they were recycling panels of unsold units of their bracelets, or if the order to their suppliers is new to give differentiation to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with this secondary panel, although the truth is that reusing components will surely have contributed to not raising the price even more of the new Chinese flagship, encrypted for Spain at 1,199 euros.

All the options offered by the secondary AMOLED panel of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

If you want to know what improvements this miniscreen adds in addition to the hardware display, then you should know that indeed its primary function is as the main camera viewfinder, being able to get selfies of the best quality with the main sensors of the device.

In any case, this AMOLED-type panel offers a very low consumption to stay always on, thus being able to have information at a glance without turning on the main screen of the Mi 11 Ultra.

In fact, perhaps its most interesting additional function is to control music playback with some simple buttons that will be shown when we play multimedia on the device, adding other options such as call alerts so that we can answer or reject directly from this miniscreen.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, secondary screen

Screenshots of some of the functions of the small rear AMOLED panel of the Mi 11 Ultra.

It will also show us a Always-on clock with battery charge status and notifications the terminal, an animation of the most striking when it is charging and even weather information in a sort of weather tab.

Finally, it has a SOS mode for emergency calls, and we can also from this rear screen directly invoke the voice assistant without major complications while we have the terminal perched on a table.

Obviously, it will also serve as an aesthetic dressing, and even if they do not contribute too much, it will be possible customize always-on-display mode of this panel with personalized animations, text or images to be chosen by the user.

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